Hello Scientists!  For our first session, we are going to begin talking about the Scientific Method.  Let’s watch this video to get the conversation going:

Now that we’ve reviewed the scientific method, choose your project!  If you already have an experiment, great, if not click HERE to fill out a survey and get ideas.

Now here’s the thing, in the last part of the video, we saw that the 6th step of the Scientific Method is to COMMUNICATE your results.  Here’s where your work in The Tech Café will shine.  Once you’ve done your experiment,  you can do things here like compose a song, do a podcast, make an animation, or a film that communicates your results.

Star Wars Yes GIF by LEGO

If you have ZERO ideas from your survey on Science Buddies, here’s an idea:  Build a solar station and put it in the sun.  Does changing the angle change how much energy it receives?  What about when you do it inside the room?  Can mirrors increase the energy it receives?  Click HERE to see a worksheet that might help.