Below are some real-world problems that need to be solved. Follow as many links as you can! If you have a problem you’d like to solve that is not on the list, search for it Online. If you make interesting discoveries, we can add them to this site. Once you decide on an issue that you truly care about and want to solve, it’s time to start your assignment.


Once you fall in love with an issue, use one of the tools from the YOUR TOOLBOX page to create a project to help solve your problem. Here are some questions your project should answer:

What does a “day in the life” of a person with this problem look like?

Are there good guys or villains in this problem? If so, who?

Who does this problem affect the most? Why?

How big is the problem (For example, 35% of Americans are obese or over 8000 people died from firearms in the U.S. in 2010)

Why are the solutions already out there not good enough?

Blood Diamonds &Conflict Minerals
Civil/Human Rights
Climate Change
Crime/Gun Control
Technology: Digital Citizenship & New Changes
COVID and Other Diseases
Domestic Violence/Child Abuse
Extreme Weather
Factory Farms & Animal Cruelty
Technology Addiction
Garbage & Pollution
Government & Corruption
Healthy Relationships
Mental Health
Robot Rights
Technology: Self-Imag & Relationships
Sex Education
War, Terrorism, & Islamaphobia
The Environment


BrainPOP: Media Literacy (Video)

Food MythBusters (Video)

Junk food advertising targets African-American and Hispanic kids (Video)

Food Marketing to Teens (Video)

How Advertising Affects Kids’ Brains (Video)

If Junk Food Commercials Were Honest (Video)

The Secret Science of Advertising (Video)

10 Ways Advertisers are Tricking you Everyday (Video)

15 Mind-Blowing Tricks Advertisers Use to Manipulate Photos (Videos)

The Power of Propoganda (Video)

Advertising Techniques (Video)

Advertising Facts (Infographic) 

Banksy on Advertising (Blog Post)


AdCouncil’s Drunk Driving PSA’s– The Classics (Videos)

AdCouncil’s Buzzed Driving PSA’s: Don’t Lose Your Game, How Much would you Like to Lose, 10K that you Don’t Have, Stay out of the Seat

Storybooth: Arrested for Teen Drinking (Video)

The Truth About Alcoholism (Infographic)

Am I an Alcoholic? (Infographic)

Visualizing Alcohol Abuse (Infographic)

Drunk Driving- Victim Stories (Webpage)

The Problem with Problem Drinking (Infographic)

MADD Statistics (Webpage)


5 Things you didn’t Know about Conflict Minerals (Video)

Conflict Minerals 101 (Movie)

Vice: Conflict Minerals (Movie)

Conflict and Coltan in Eastern Congo (Video)

Time: Is there Blood on Your Laptop? (Movie)

Tainted Tin: The Deadly Cost of Smart Phones (Video)

Conflict Minerals (Infographic)

Conflict Gold (Infographic)

Average American Daily Use of Conflict Minerals (Infographic)

Blood Diamonds Documentary (Movie) **Must have permission from Dr. Lahana to watch

Diamonds are Forever (Animation)


Brainpop: Bullying (Video)

Storybooth: Can’t Stop the Bullying (Video)

Flocabulary: Bullying (Video) *Ask for Password

Real Teens Speak Out: My Bullying Story (Webpage)

I Didn’t Feel Safe at Home or at School (Video)

The Cyberbullying Virus (Video)

Suicide (Infographic)

Amanda Todd‘s Message– Cyberbullied into Suicide (Video)

Amanda Todd on the News– Cyberbullied into Suicide (Video)

Student Bullying (Infographic)

Imagine a World Where Straight People were the Minority (Video)

Bad Behavior- Trolling and Freedom of Speech (Video)

Cyberbullying (Infographic)

Cyberbullying– Rebecca Sedwick (Video) (More info click HERE)

Cyberbullying Example (Video)

Bully (Trailer), Bully– (Full Movie)

One Boy’s Online Tragedy– Cyberbullying (Video)

Bullying in a Nutshell– Cyberbullying (Video)

Bullying– What you can do (Webpage)

Long Term Effects of Bullying (Infographic)

the.Gov: Cyberbullying (Video)

R-Word- Ending the use of “retarded” (Videos)

To This Day (Animation)

Why are Bad Words Bad? (Video)

3 Types of Forbidden Words (Video)


Top 10 Terrible Things Smoking Does to Your Body (Video)

How do Cigarettes Affect the Body? (Video)

Little Lungs (Video)

The Real Cost (Website)

Organ Story (Video)

BrainPop: Cigarettes (Animation) (Ask for Password)

The Real Cost: Bully Skater Promise Teeth (Videos)

What’s in a But?– Cigarettes (Interactive Webpage)

TheTruth.com– Cigarette Facts (Website)

The Environmental Impact of Cigarette Butts (Video)

Anti-Smoking Cigarette Label Images (Images)

Bubble Wrap– Smoking Deaths (Video)

Pro-Smoking Ads (Images)

Anti-Smoking Ads (Images)

Health Effects of Smoking (Webpage)

Ashes to Ashes– Anti Smoking (Video)

Hidden Cost of Cigarettes (Video) Courtesy of: insurancequotes.org/hidden-cost-cigarettes


Truth (Website+Videos)

The Real Cost (Website+Videos)

Flavors: Real California Teens Talk About Vaping (Video)

Parent and Teens Test their Vape Knowlege (Video)

Teen was in the fight for her life after vaping a cartridge a day (Video)

What are the Potential Dangers of Juuling (Video)

Why is Vaping Bad (Video)

E-Cigarettes: Bottom Line (Infographic)

Smoking vs. Vaping (Video)

Juulers Against Juules (Video)

3 Reasons to Say No to E-Cigarettes (Infographic)

The Truth About E-Cigarettes (Infographic)

What We Don’t Know about E-Cigarettes (Video)

Vaping (Video)

Nursing your Lungs– (Infographic)

TheTruth.com Commercials– Anti-Cigarette (Video) Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4

E-Cigarettes as Gateway to Smoking (Video)

Science Behind E-Cigarettes (Video)

China’s E-Cigarette Boom (Slideshow)


BrainPOP: Student Rights (Video) **Ask Dr. Lahana for Password

BrainPOP: Miranda Rights (Video) **Ask Dr. Lahana for Password

How Can We End Police Violence? (Video)

What if the U.S. had 100 Prisoners (Video)

The Knotted Line- California Prisons (Interactive Animation)

Muslim Bullying (Video)

What is Female Genital Mutilation? (Video)

Police Brutality Cemetery (Comic)

Wolf Blitzer interviews Deray McKesson about violence in Baltimore (Video)

J. Cole: Be Free– Mike Brown Tribute (Song/Video)

R.I.P. Eric Garner- By Bell Hooks (Image)

Browns’ Andrew Hawkins explains why he wore a “Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford” T-shirt (Video)

Why isn’t there a White Club on a College Campus? (Spoken Word Performance)

Women’s Rights (Infographic)

Occupy Wallstreet Arrests- (Video)

The right to photograph (Video)

The Right to Assemble– (Video)

Criminals of Permission- Police Brutality (Music Video) MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. LAHANA TO WATCH

Start School Late (Video) (Click HERE for website)

School Uniforms: Pro/Con (Webpage)


Our Climate, Our Future (Video)

How to Remove Carbon Dioxide– Which Causes Climate Change (Video)

It’s OK to be Smart: Climate Change- What You Need to Know (Video)

Climate Stories: Map (Videos)

Climate Change 101: The Situation (Video)

It’s OK to be Smart: What’s Really Warming the Earth (Video)

Bill Nye: Climate Change 101 (Video)

You Are Stealing Our Future (Video)

Why People Don’t Believe In Climate Science (Video)

Stop Disasters! (Game)

Mexico Earthquake Hit My School (Video)

Brainpop: Droughts (Video) **Ask for Dr. Lahana Password

Cowspiracy Trailer (Documentary) Click HERE for full film.

Cowspiracy Images: Believe, Level Up, News, Tastes, Wear, Day Job

It’s Okay to be Smart: Why People don’t Believe in Climate Change (Video)

What’s Really Causing Climate Change (Interactive Graph)

Map of New York at the End of the Century (Interactive Webpage)

Weather Versus Climate Change (Video)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s UN Speech (Video)


Visualizing Mass Shootings (Webpage)

Everyone Leaves Black People Out of the Gun Debate (Video)

We Need to Require Gun Licenses (Video)

Why Blaming Video Games is Wrong (Video)

Black History in The United States (Video)

Storybooth: My Friend Died in the Parkland Shooting (Video)

Storybooth: School Lockdown (Video)

Gun Violence by the Numbers (Webpage)

Storybooth: Gun Scare at School (Video)

The Nib: Military Spending (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel on the Parkland Shooting (Video)

Guns: Brainpop (Video)

America’s Gun Problem Explained in 90 Seconds (Video)

Bump Stocks (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas (Video)

Gun Control- Pros vs. Cons (Webpage)

Armed to the Teeth (Infographic)

Guns in America vs. The rest of the world (Video)

Scenes From Everytown (Video)

The state of gun violence in the US explained in 18 charts (Video)

One Week in April, Four Toddlers Shot and Killed Themselves (Article)

Mass Shootings (Infographic)

Gun Violence in America (Infographic)

Do you Feel Safe? (Infographic)

Gun Crime and Ownership (Infographic)

9 Year Old with Uzi- Kills Instructor (Video)

Everytown USA (Website)

NYTimes’ Gun Country- (Webpage & Video)

Gun Control- Daily Show (Video)

Mass Shootings (Infographic)

Bowling For Columbine (Movie Trailer) Full Movie (Documentary)

Guns- Facts, Figures, and the Law (Webpage)

California Restricts Guns (Video)

Pro-Gun Arguments Shot Down (Webpage)

Do you Feel Safe? (Infographic)

Which Countries Own the Most Guns? (Infographic)

Triggered: Objects Mistaken as Guns (Webpage)

How gun control could help prevent suicides (Video)

Violence in the Media & Children (Video)

The Mean World Syndrome (Video)

Mean Guise- Kids and Violence (Video)

Stop Blaming Violence in Video Games (Video)

America’s Most Dangerous Cities (Infographic)

Facts about Gangs (Infographic)

Gang Violence in America (Infographic)

The United States of Gangs (Infographic)

Violence in Video Games– Pro/Con (Website)

Is Buying Call of Duty a Moral Choice? (Video)

A&E Crime Investigations (Game)

The Real CSI (Video)

FBI- Criminal Pursuit (Video)

NYC Crime Statistics– (Interactive Webpage)

Gangs: MS13 (Video)

the.Gov: Growing Problem of Youth Membership in Gangs (Video)

Crips and Bloods in America (Video)


How is Your Phone Changing You? (Video)

Digital Compass (Game)

The Ethical Dilemma of Self-driving Cars (Video)

The Moral Machine: Self Driving Cars (Game)

Brainpop: Digital Etiquette (Video)

It Can Wait: Texting While Driving (Website)

Texting while Driving Penalties– (Infographic)

DashCam Crashes (Video + Infographics)

Don’t Text and Drive (Animation)

Distracted Driving- NYTimes (Video)

From One Second to the Next– Texting While Driving Documentary Trailer (Click HERE) for the Full Movie)

Spam: The Documentary

Net Neutrality Explained (Video)


What Actually Happens when you get Coronavirus (Video)

Why we Haven’t Cured Cancer (Video)

How Does Cancer Spread (Video)

The NFL’s Concussion Crisis, Explained (Video)

The Story of Cosmetics (Video)

Is Makeup bad for you? (Video)

Antibiotic Resistance (Game)

Food Safety (Videos)

Oncology- Treatment of Cancer (Game)

Vaccines Work (Comic)

The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained (Video)

Lead in Toys (Video)

Ebola Expained (Video)

Facts about Ebola (Infographic)

Cancer- Brainpop (Animation)

10 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer (Infographic)

Pink Ribbons (Documentary)

Breast Cancer Breakdown (Infographic)

OMG I Found a Lump (Infographic)

A Woman Fired Because She has Cancer (Webpage + Video)

Cancer (Infographic)

Why Don’t We All Have Cancer? (Video)

Colors to Die For (Infographic)


Sexual Consent and Tea (Video)

Teach Early (Video)

How to Stop Domestic Abuse (Infographic)

Get The Facts on Child Abuse (infographic)

Child Abuse Statistics (Infographic)

ChildHelp.org– Statistics (Webpage)

Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect (Infographic)

ThisIsAbuse- School Girl (Video)

ThisIsAbuse- School Boy (Video)

I Was (Video)

ThisIsAbuse- Abuse You Can See (Video)

Escape- A Story about Domestic Abuse (Article)

The Secret (Video)

Truth Unfolds (Infographic)

Help for Abused Women (Website)

This is Rape Culture (Image)

Things that Cause Rape (Image)

Don’t Buy it Project (Videos + Website)

She Asked For it (Video)

How to Spot an Abuser (Infographic)


1 is 2 Many– Rape (Videos)

This is Rape Culture (Infographic)

Types of Abuse (Webpage)

Baby Trapped in Hot Car (Video)

Letter to Stanford Rapist (Video) Written Letter (Article) **Warning: For 8th graders only

A Journey through Foster Care (Webpage)


BrainPop: Addiction (Animation)

National Institute on Drug Abuse Games (Games)

Opioid Epidemic (Videos + Website)

How do I know if I’m an Addict (Documents)

Peer Pressure: Weed (Movie)

 Marijuana Side Effects (Infographic)

Marijuana: Uncertain Medicine (Video)

Cannabis and Psychosis (Animation)

Your Brain on Weed (Animation)

Drug Free World (Videos)

Marijuana’s Harmful Effects (Infographic)

Problem or Solution: Legalized Marijuana in Colorado (Video)

College Drug Use (Infographic)

All-Drug Olympics (Video)

Bigger, Stronger, Faster- Performance Enhancing Drugs (Movie)

10 Pros/Cons for Performance Enhancing Drugs (Webpage)

Drug Facts: Anabolic Steroids (Webpage)

Steroid Effects (Infographic)

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports (Infographic)

Steroid Effects Male/Female (Infographic)

Signs Your a Drug User (Infographic)

Homeopathy Explained (Image)


The People Vs. The School System (Video)

We Will Not Let Exams Decide our Fate (Video)

Plaigarism: Adinah’s Deck– (Video)

Plagarism– BrainPop (Video)

Plaigarism– Common Craft (Video)


Energy Now!– Electricity Generation (Video)

WindFall– Wind Turbines to Power a Town (Game)

Three Mile Island- Nuclear Power (Video)

Gasland: Shale Gas Drilling (Movie)

The Age of Stupid (Movie)


Earthquake (Game)

Hurricane Monitor (Website)

Scope of Hurricane Harvey (Video)

Hurricanes- Brainpop (Video)

Hurricane Anatomy (Infographic)

How do Hurricanes Form (Webpage)

Rescuing Animals during Hurricane Harvey (Webpage and Video)

Flocabulary: Hurricanes (Video)

Weather Emergency Kit (Infographic)

Stop Disasters (Game)

Brainpop: Floods (Video)

50 Images of Hurricane Sandy’s Destruction (Images)

Climate Change like Tetris (Video)

Midwest Tornado 2013 (Images)

Natural Disasters– Brainpop (Video)

Tsunamis– Brainpop (Video)

Typhoon Haiyan (Slideshow)

Inside the Megastorm (Video)

Hurricane Sandy: A Storm Still Felt- (Article + Videos)

Sandy Storyline (Website)

When Sandy is the Norm (Video & Article)

Before and After Sandy (Interactive Photos)

NY Times Sandy Slideshow (Slideshow)

Hurricane Sandy (Infographic)

Sandy’s Path of Destruction (Infographic)

How the full moon made Sandy Worse (Article)

Hurricanes Explained- Discovery Channel (Videos)

BrainPop: Earthquakes (Video)

BrainPop: Plate Tectonics (Video)


Save Ralph (Video)

See the True Cost of your Chicken (Video)  **WARNING: DISTURBING!

Draw my Life: Canada Goose Edition (Video)

Draw my Life: A Hen in Today’s World (Video)

Draw my Life: A Cow in Today’s Dairy Industry (Video)

Draw my Life: A Pig in Today’s World (Video)

The Failure of animal experiments (Video)

Watch People React to Photos of Animal Experimentation (Video)

Why Meat is the Best Worst thing in the World (Animation)

If Slaughter Houses Had Glass Walls (Documentary)  WARNING: DISTURBING!

The Humane League 2018 Year in Review (Video)

The Dairy Industry in 60 Seconds (Video)  WARNING: DISTURBING!

Why is Chicken so Cheap? (Video)

The Truth About Animal Testing for Cosmetics (Video)

A Descendant of the Slave Trade Has a Message for YOU! (Video)

Think Cruelty Free (Infographic)

Brands that Experiment on animals (website)

PETA: Animal Testing (Infographic)

ColorPop: Animal Testing (Infographic)

Cruelty Free Cosmetics (Infographic)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Website + Videos) **Caution: Many Videos show the Killing of Animals

Hidden Cost of Hamburgers (Video)

Steve Cutts: Man (Video)

How do Animals Experience Pain? (Video)

How to Prevent Animal Abuse (infographic)

Do Animals have Language? (Video)

The Dog Factory (Video) More Info Click HERE

Rachel Madow: Trump Helps Puppy Mills (Video)

ASPCA- Animal Cruelty (Website)

What’s Really in your Carton? (Infographic)

The Truth about Eating Animals (Infographic)

Food Inc. (Trailer) Food Inc. (Full Movie)

McVideoGame (Game)

The Meatrix (Animation) Part 2, Part 2 1/2

Backwards Hamburger (Animation)

Samsara– How our food gets to the table

Petland– Puppy Mills (Video)

If our Pets Could Talk (Video)

Pets 4 Life (Video)

Shark Attacks (Infographic)

Animal Abuse Registry (Webpage and Video)

The Ivory Game (Video)

Last Days (Video)

Tracking Elephant Ivory (Website)

Elephant Ivory (Video)

Ninety-Six Elephants: Humans + Elements (Short Story)

True Cost of Food (Video)

How Deli Meats are Made (Video)

The Death of Bees Explained (Video)

How Smart are Dolphins? (Video)

Do Animlas Dream? (Video)

Technology ADDICTION

Inside Korea’s Gaming Rehab Clinic (Video)

reStart: Technology Rehab Center (Webpage)

Marc Maron: The Social Media Generation (Animation)

CNN- 5 Warning Signs (Video)

Are Video Games Like Drugs? (Video)

Gaming Addiction (Infographic)

12 Benefits of Playing Video Games (Article)

POV: Web Junkie (Video Clips + Webpage)

China’s Rehab for Internet Addicted Youth (Video)


Plastic Pollution Coalition (Video + Website)

How Trash is Recycled (Video)

Why Plastic Straws Suck (Video)

Sea Turtle with a Straw Stuck in its Nose (Video)

Brainpop: Plastic (Video)

Straws– Trailer (Video)

 Can Oysters Stop a Flood? (Video)

BrainPOP: Waste Management (Video)

How Much Plastic is in the Ocean? (Video)

Just Eat It (Video)

The Works: Garbage (Video)

Food Waste in America (Video)

The Sixth Extinction (Video)

Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground (Video) More Info Click HERE

LoopScoops (Animations)

Midway: A Message from the Gyre (Video) (Photos Click Here)

Garbage Dreams (Game)

What’s in your Trash? (Infographic)

The Works – Trash (Video)

Trash Me (Video)

How Does a Modern Landfill Work? (Animation)

Sustainable Seafood (Video)

Chemical Nation (Documentary Film)

Fossil Fuel Distribution in two minutes (Video)

Earth University Plants a Future (Video)

Plastic Paradise Trailer (Video)

The Electronic Afterlife (Video)

Plastics Breakdown (Infographic)

Why don’t we Recycle Styrofoam? (Video)

Why Styrofoam is Bad for the Environment (Video)

Why not all Reusable Bags are Good for the Planet (Video)


Executive Command (Game)

Fake it To Make it (Game)

The Nib: Last Takes to Midnight (Animation)

The Corporation (Documentary Film)

Safe and Sorry: Government Surveillance (Video)

Body Scanners(Video)

TSA Gone Wild (Infographic)

SWAT: Mission Creep (Video)

Stop Watching Us (Video)


Disrespect Nobody (Video)

The Kickback: How Will you Handle this Party? (Interactive Quiz)

Planned Parenthood: Relationship Quizzes

LoveisRespect: Healthy Relationship Quiz

When to Break up (Quiz)

Grace’s Diary (Game)

Cool/Not Cool Quiz (Game)

Just Because I…. (Images)

Healthy Teen Relationship Spectrum (Website)

Love What’s Real (Facts)

LoveisRespect- Unhealthy Relationships (Website)

The Line- Unhealthy Relationships (Video)

LoveisRespect- Relationship Quiz (Video)

Finding Zoe– Healthy Relationships (Game)

My Paper Girlfriend (Game)

My Paper Boyfriend (Game)

Can we Autocorrect Humanity (Video)

Nude-E-Calls (Game)


STD’s (Infographic)

Lacie Green: HIV (Video)

Voices of Youth (Game)

BrainPop- HIV/AIDS (Animation)

What you Should Know about AIDS (Infographic)

EndGame- AIDS in Black America (Video)

HIV/AIDS (Glogster)


StoryBoardThat: Gender and Sexuality Vocabulary (Comics)

Gender Spectrum (Videos)

My Friend is Transgender (Video)

Range of Gender Identitites (Video)

Non-binary: The Gender Beyond He or She (Video)

What are Pronouns (Video)

Is it OK for Guys… (Video)

Gender Roles and Stereotypes (Video)

Logic- 1-800-273-8255 (Video)

Children on How Gender Affects their Lives (Video)

Coming out (Website with Videos)

Homophobia (Quiz)

Homophobia Infographic

Transgender Awareness (Infographic)

LGBTQ Bullying (Infographic)

The Story of Jazz (Video) Jazz Jennings w/ Katie Couric (Video)

What are Jazz’s Options for Surgery (Video) **MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. LAHANA TO WATCH

What is Intersex? (Video)

Sports Gender Controversy (Video)

Gavin Grimm’s Transgender Bathroom Story (Video)

It Gets Better (Videos)

Helping Trans Youth One Video at a Time (Webpage)

Transgender Bathroom Social Experiment (Video)

Ryland’s Story (Video) For more info. click HERE


Minus18: LGBTQ Pride (Images)

Colorado Transgender Girl (Video)

Kids React to Gay Marriage (Video)

StandUp!– Against Homophobia (Video)

Homophobia Student Documentary (Video)

Gay Football Player Response (Video)

I Love my Boo Campaign (Article)

Think Be4 You Speak– (Video) Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Dys4ia- Hormone Therapy (Game)

Transgender Adventure! (Video)

Born Gay? Pro/Con (Webpage)

Transmormon: Growing up Transgender and Mormon (Video)


BrainPOP: Citizenship (Video)

What part of Legal Immigration Don’t You Understand? (Infographic)

ICE Raids Doomsday: Here’s How One Immigrant Prepares (Video)

Should ICE be Abolished (Video)

100% of DACA Recipients have no Felonies (Video)

DACA (Dream Act) Explained (Video)Immigration Raids (Video)

ICED Deports Immigrant Mother (Video)

Immigration Nation (Game)


Teen Depression Facts (Infographic)

How to Boost Your Self Confidence (Video)

What Happens When Strangers Get Real About Body Image (Video)

Why I Don’t Have a Face to Reveal– Eating Disorder (Video)

How You See Me: Body Size (Video)

Walk in our Shoes (Website + Videos)

Storybooth: I Never Felt Skinny Enough (Video)

Storybooth: Coming back from Depression (Video)

The Road Back- Teen Depression & Anxiety (Movie)

Run- Eating Disorder (Video)

Carly’s Cafe: Experience Autism through Carry’s Eyes (Video)

How Much Do You REALLY Know About Autism? (Video)

BrainPOP- Autism (Video) (Ask for Password)

I had a Black Dog, His Name Was Depression (Video)

Sabrina Benaim- Explaining My Depression to My Mother (Video)

What is Depression (Video)

What Depression Feels Like (Video)

The Mind/Game Trailer (Movie)

Eating Disorders (Infographic)

Mental Health (Infographic)

Suicide (Infographic)

Thinking Positive (Video)

Breast Cancer Breakdown (Infographic)

What if Physical Health was Treated the Same as Mental Health (Comic)

OCD and Anxiety (Video)

Robin Williams- Depression (Blog Post)


Do I Have Pre-Diabetes (Videos)

Is Sugar a Drug? (Video)

How the food you eat affects your gut (Video)

Obesity Facts (Infographic)

BrainPop: Healthy Diet (Animation)

BrainPop: Diabetes (Animation)

This Is What 200 Calories Look Like: Junk vs. Healthy Food (Video)

Yuck: A 4th grader’s documentary on school lunches (Video)

What’s on Your Plate? (Video)

Body Mass Index Calculator (Webpage)

What is a Calorie? (Video)

What 2000 Looks Like (Article)

Obesity: Complex, but Conquerable (Infographic)

NY Times Calorie Detective (Video)

Fizzy’s Lunch– Tummy Trauma (Animation)

Two Foods– Compare any 2 foods (Website)

Carbohydrates– Brainpop (Animation)

Is Junk Food Cheaper? (Article)

Calorie King– Search the calories in food (Website)

HBO’s Weight of the Nation (Movie)

Obesity Worldwide (Infographic)

What 2000 Calories Looks Like (Video)

Working off the Calories (Infographic)

FDA’s Nutrition Education (Webpage)

Fantastic Food Challenge (Game)

Global Fat Scale (Interactive Webpage)

Super Size Me (Movie)

Crazy Amount of Sugar in Everyday Things (Video)

The Economic Cost of Obesity (Video)

Hidden Cost of Big Macs (Video) Courtesy of: insurancequotes.org/hidden-cost-big-mac

Hidden Cost of Soda (Video) Courtesy of: insurancequotes.org/hidden-cost-soda


Basic Facts about Homeless in NYC (Webpage)

Experiencing Homelessness (Video)

StoryBooth: I was Homeless (Video)

1800 Runaway (Video)

Why do Some Homeless Reject Shelters? (Video)

Inside Skid Row (Video)

5 Things You Always Wanted To Know about the Homeless, But Were Too Afraid To Ask (Webpage)

Runaway Homeless (Video)

Homelessness Timeline (Video)

50 People, One Question: Skid Row (Video)

The Stats on Homeless (Infographic)

NYC Children: Homeless for the Holidays (Infographic)

The Road to Youth Homelessness (Infographic)

Homeless: Ronald Davis (Video)

On a Plate (Comic)

Ayiti (Game)

3rd World Farmer (Game)

Spent– Homelessness (Game)

World Hunger Day (Presentation)

Homeless Poem (Glogster)

The Invisible Poor (Infographic)

Where is Homelessness Getting Worse? (Infographic)

Every Beat Matters– Closer to Home (Video)

Every Beat Matters- Mission (Video)

Every Beat Matters- Supporting Front Line Health Workers (Website)

Frontline: Poor Kids (Video)

Hoarding (Quote)

Why Some Homeless Choose The Streets Over Shelters (Podcast)


Incarceration Nation (Infographic)

Prison Inc. (Infographic)

13th (Movie)

Mass Incarceration– A Failed Policy (Animation)

Girls and the Criminal Justice System (Website + Videos) (Full Video Click HERE)

Incarceration in America (Video)

What happens When Youth are Charged with a Crime?   (Website)

3 Strikes Sentencing (Video)

Is the Death Penalty Ever Moral?  **WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT** (Video)

Death Row: Japan vs. USA (Video)


Systemic Racism Explained (Animation)

Kids Talk about Segregation (Video)

Brown vs. Board of Education (Video)

Students Learn a Powerful Lesson about Privilege (Animation)

Black Parents Explain How to Deal with the Police (Video)

One Day- Logic (Music Video)

Microaggressions Explained (Video)

Coronavirus Racism Against Asians (Video)

Attacks on Asian Americans (Video)

Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Stories)

The N-Word through History (Video)

Can White People Say the N-Word? (Video)

NFL: Taking the Knee During the Anthem (Video)

Donald Trump’s Response to Athletes Taking the Knee During the Anthem (Video)

Taking a Stand by Bending a Knee: How Colin Kaepernick started a Movement (Video)

The Problem with Apu (Video)

Muslim Registry (Video)

Black Lives Matter Explained (Video)

JayZ: The War on Drugs is an Epic Fail (Video)

Nativism (Comic)

Why are Muslims So… (Video)

Understanding the Burkini Ban (Video)

Burkini (Video)

White Privilege (Song)

On a Plate: A Short Story about Privilege (Comic)

Ernestine Johnson: ‘The Average Black Girl’ (Spoken Word Video)

How ‘Broken Windows’ Policing Harms People of Color (Video)

The “N” Word Part 1, Part 2 (video)

A Class Divided– Students separated by eye color (Video)

Sh#t White Girls Say (Video)

Sh#t White Girls Say, Part 2 (Video)

How Ferguson Showed us the Truth about Police (Video)

Ferguson- Daily Show (Video)

Diet Racism (Video)

Is America Dreaming (Video)

Starbucks: Let’s Talk about Race (Image)


The New Rules of Robot/Human Society (Video)

Killer Robots (Video)

Artificial Intelligence (Movie)

Robots Resembling Animals: Wild Cat, Cheetah, RHex, Petman, Sand Flea, LS3, Atlas

Asimo (Video)

Atlas the Robot (Video)

The Future of Artificial Intelligence (Video)

Would you Kill a Robot? (Video)

Humans Need Not Apply (Video)

A Brief History of Robots (Video)

Atlas Walks Outside (Video)


50 People, 1 Question: Change One Thing about your Body (Video)

The Price Women Pay for Tips (Video)

Real Catcalling Stories 

Street Harassment #ISayItsNotOK (Video)

Beauty Queen Speaks Out On Harassment (Video)

10 Hours of Street Harassment (Video)

#LikeAGirl (Video)

Barbie Finally Becomes a Real Woman (Video + Webpage)

Storybooth: Bullied for Wearing a Hijab (Video)

A Beginner’s Guide to Hijabs (Video) **MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. LAHANA**

Killing us Softly- How Women are Represented in the Media (Video)

The Bro Code– Male Stereotypes (Video)

Brave New Voices: Halloween (Video)

Hit Record: Feminism (Video)

HyperSext- Girls and Sexuality (Video)

10 Hours of Waling on NYC Streets: Catcalling (Video)

Bronies- Boys who like My Little Pony (Video)

Body Evolution- Before and After Photoshop

Miss Representation– How women are portrayed in the Media (Documentary Film)

How the Media Failed Women in 2013 (Video)

Vintage Ads Shaming Women into Buying (Images)

Clearasil– Hate other Girls (Image)

Sports and Politics (Movie)

Campaign Against Women (Movie)

Life as a woman- Having to watch your back (Blog Post)

Last Week Tonight: Miss America Pageant (Movie)

Sam Pepper Exposed (Video)

Sam Pepper Exposed, Part 2 (Video)

Feminist Frequency- Women in Video Games, Part 1 (Video)— MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. LAHANA TO WATCH

Feminist Frequency- Women in Video Games, Part 2 (Video)— MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. LAHANA TO WATCH


Street Harassment: Sidewalk Sleazebags and Metro Molesters (Video)

Asking For It: NYU Local Explores Street Harassment (Video)

Street harassment: #ISayItsNotOK (Video)

Hollaback: Street Harassment (Website)

Dying to Stay Thin (Infographic)

Does Sexism Hurt Men? (Video)

Not NFL Scandals (Image)

Wait, is Makeup Sexist? (Video)

Tampon Pic (Image)

Photos Shaping Opinions (Video)

Cause & Effect: How the Media you Consume can Change your Life (Infographic)

The Mask You Live In- Trailer (Movie) Click HERE for Full Movie


Women in Information Technology (Infographic)

Time Poverty (Video)


Do Sweatshops Make your Clothes (Video)

Sim Sweatshop (Game)

Very Off Parents- Sweatshop (Video)

Fashion: Last Week Tonight (Video)

The Fruit’s of Mexico’s Cheap Labor (Video)

Made in LA– Sweatshops (Movie)

Behind the Swoosh (Movie)

How a T-Shirt is Made- NPR’s Planet Money (Video + Website)

Fashion Factories Uncovered (Video)

The Making of Leather (Video)


Social Media and Self-image (Video)

Oversharing (Video)

Cybersecurity 101 (Video)

CyberSecurity Lab (Game)

Digital Bystander (Video)

Flocabulary: Oversharing (Video)

Digital Compass (Serious Game)

Image-based Abuse (Video + Website)

ThatsNotCool– Girl’s Perspective- Pressure Pics (Video)

ThatsNotCool– Boy’s Perspective – Pressure Pics(Video)

Digital Parenting (Infographic)

Teenage Sexting (Infographic)

The Truth about Teen Sexting (Infographic)

Sexting- The Price of a Text (Video)

Exposed (Video + Webpage)

Profile Penalty– (Video)

What’s on your Mind? (Video)

Hyper Reality (Video)


Parents Explain the Birds and the Bees (Video)

Pregnancy Calendar (Infographic)

When People Get Abortions (Chart)

Planned Parenthood: STD’s and Consent (Website + Videos)

I Got Teased for Being a Late Bloomer (Video)

What Actually Happens When You Have an Abortion (Video)

STDs (Infographic)

STD Drawings (Images)

STD Testing (Infographic)

STD Risk Factors (Infographic)

Lacie Green: Sex Education (Video)

The Morning After Pill (Video)

HPV Vaccine–Should Kids Get It? (Video)

What is HPV (Video)

What is a Period (Video)

Heartbeat Bill (Video)

Abortion Options (Video)

Abortion Under Attack (Video)

Teen Birth Rate (Interactive Webpage)

Block Party (Game)

Condoms in Schools– (Webpage)

Condom Choices in Schools– (Video)

Do NYC anti-teen pregnancy ads go too far Pregnant Boys 1, 2, 3 (Images)

Abortion PSA (Video)

Abortion Pro/Con (Website)

What Happens When Abortion is Limited (Infographic)

Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood (Infographic)

12 Facts about Teen Pregnancy (Infographic)

Teen Pregnancy in America (Infographic)

Teen Pregnancy Facts and Statistics (Infographic)


Vice: Inside North Korea (Video) **MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. LAHANA**

Donald Trump’s Executive Order Explained (Video)

Allepo’s Last Hospital (Video) **MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. LAHANA**

The Fall of Allepo Explained (Video)

The Plight of Syrian Refugees (Video)

All of the World Failed Allepo (Video)

BrainPop: War (Video)

Flocabulary: ISIS (Video)

Afghanistan (Game)

September 11: Fact vs. Fiction (Video)

9/11 Ten Years Later (Infographic)

Save Syria’s Children (Video)



The Fashion Industry’s Oil Problem (Video)

What is the Green New Deal? (Video)

A Cheesy Love Story – The Ad Doritos Don’t Want You to See (Video)

Pepsi Co and Palm Oil (Video)

Charity Water.org: Why Water (Video)

Starbucks Exposed (Video)

Lil’ Krill- Sucked Up (Video)

Meet the Ranchers Who Claim the Brazilian Amazon is Theirs to Burn (Video)

BrainPOP: Humans and the Environment (Video) **Ask Dr. Lahana for Password

BrainPop: Water Pollution (Animation)

Story of Bottled Water (Animation)

A Tale of Two Cities (Video)

The Life of Bottled Water (Infographic)

The Water Crisis (Webpage)

Bottled Water Quiz

Last Call at the Oasis (Video)

The Story of Microbeads (Animation)

From Fleece Jackets to your Plate (Video)

How Much Water do you Use? (Quiz)

Water.org: Millions Lack Safe Water (Infographic)

BrainPOP: Population Growth (Video)

Plumbing Heroes (Infographic)

Tapped- Bottled Water (Movie Trailer) Click HERE for the full movie

Water Life -Protecting Clean Water (Game)

Global Water Crisis (Infographic)

Citzen Science– Fresh Water Pollution (Game)

Bottled Water Facts (Infographic)

Hidden Cost of Bottled Water (Video) Courtesy of: insurancequotes.org/hidden-cost-bottled-water

What happens when you Flush? (Video)

CharityWater.Org- Clean/Dirty Water (Video)

The Sound of Death (Video)

Gizmodo: Stop Drinking Bottled Water (Article)

This Land is our Land (Video)

Aquafina to say it come from Tap (Video)

Pilot Whale Swallows Plastic Bags (Video)

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